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Our Grandfather Syd purchased the property in the 1950’s. In his wisdom he planted hundreds of indigenous trees and the vineyard is now hidden amongst native vegetation that is home to an array of flora and fauna. He later handed the reins to his daughter and her husband who together established a successful vineyard with the fruit consistently supplied to iconic McLaren Vale wines.

Enter the third generation, three sons who in distilling accumulated talents have realised the toil and tribulations of generations to create a wine which tells a story of 50 years.

The History of Ambush Hill

In the 1800’s Ambush Hill was a prominent feature of the hills to the North of McLaren Vale. It overlooked the local inn of a neighbouring village, which was known to be a smugglers hangout, where alcohol and tobacco were sold.  Ambush Hill provided the smugglers with an ideal vantage point – with panoramic views west to the coast for arriving ships, north towards the town of Adelaide for approaching police and south overlooking McLaren Vale.  It was said that if police raided the inn, the smugglers made a quick getaway by rowing across the river to their waiting horses and escaping over the hill to McLaren Vale.

We purchased this property in the 1950’s from the family who settled neaby on Ambush Hill in the 1840s. The Ambush Hill name was lost at some stage and no longer appears on maps, but we have revived the name and our vineyard is still a place we escape to.


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